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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dog Life Vests are the Hot item this week!

This is a Hot item that sold this week. I am totally out of orange vests! It is time to place a order for more vests! Stop by my web site if you want your dog to be safe this summer around water. My poodle freaks out in water and his hind end sinks in panic. I do not think he would last long in the water without being fished out! I use a life vest on him several times during the summer. I can just place him in the pool to cool off with out any worry. He swims to the steps with his vest on and gets out of the pool, no problems! I do not want Dugen to overheat in the summer, so he cools off in the pool with me. There is a handle on the top, 2 for large dogs, that makes it easy to pull your dog out of the water. Stop by my web site for your dog life vest. I will have all sizes available soon! Bonnie :-)

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