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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dog Collars get a hand decorated look!

Well My mom is retired and I have put her to work. We are coming out with a line of decorated collars. My mom has done needle work all my life. She has made some of the best hand made Christmas tree skirts you have ever seen. I am still waiting for mine! So here is a peak at her first decorated collar. WE are getting in dome better collars for her to work with this week. I have this one listed in my Ebay store! Stop by and Watch the Auction! Bonnie :-)

Harnesses are not just for dogs!

My neighbor has been teasing me for yrs about dressing my dogs. Then just the other day she came over with the RABBIT! Yep check that out. She has a purple harness and lead set on her rabbit! She also wants to buy a dog carrier for her rabbit! Who would of thought! This is a hand raised pet, named Thumper. She is coming over to our house this week so we can rabbit sit her! I do not know if Ashton and Dugen are going to like her. I hope so! Bonnie :-)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Handi Drink Water System

Well here in Texas the HEAT is on! It was 103 today! Ashton and Dugen just hate the heat! They get hot so easy! So it is that time of year when we need to focus on Dog safety with the heat!
1. Do not leave your pet in the car. With only hot air to breathe inside a car, your pet can suffer serious health effects–even death–in a few short minutes. Partially opened windows do not provide sufficient air, but they do provide an opportunity for your pet to get out or be stolen.
2. Make sure they get plenty of water! not only to drink, but if you poor it on there back this will help to cool them down faster. I see this handi drink water system. It holds 17 oz of water. I use one. I keep it in the fridge so the water is cold! I cheat and drink from the bottle and poor water in the cup for my dogs.
3. If they become overheated, they need to cool off quickly. Take off all apparel and put cool water on their back. Give them ice water to drink. They even make frozen dog treats. Here is a tip. If you have a out side dog. Take a freezer proof bowel, water and dog treats or fruit. Put this in your freezer. Pop it out of the bowel in in the grass for your dog to play with and eat! I have a Water filled cool bed on the floor in my kitchen. The water stays cold due to the air conditioning. My dogs love to lay on it after a long walk.
Be safe and remember DOG GET HOT TOO!

Dog Shirt Iron on's are Done!

I just finished a total re-do of the Shirt Iron on Collection in my store. I have 44 different decals to choose from. See them all in the Slide show post below! That Means I just did 44 pages of web site work! I am very tired. Stop by Bonnie's Doggie Deals and create your own original puppy tee! Bonnie :-)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dog Tee Shirt Iron-On's

The post above is my latest product slide show. I have received many New Patches and Crystal Iron on's. Stop by Bonnie's Doggie Deals and design an Original Dog Tee or Dog Dress today. I have the decals and a large variety of blank shirts and dresses to choose from! This is a great project for a rainy day!

I was working on updating this page last night. I was looking up the personal pooch decals online at Google. I was doing a price comparison. I found that other web sites have these same decals at really low prices like $1.29. So I wanted more information and proceeded to put this Crystal Star decal (that I sell for $3.99 and they sell for $1.29) in their shopping cart. Oh my! I see why their prices are so low. It was going to cost $6.95 to ship this decal to me. I have shipped a many of these decals and shipping only costs $3.00 at the most. So I then did the same in my store and the shipping was $2.35.

So to buy this decal from Store X total was $8.24

To buy it from me is $6.34

So I really do have the Lowest Prices on Some Dog Products! Bonnie ;-)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dog nees a home in the DFW area!

Meet peanut, he looks to be a white schnauzer. I live in the DFW area, Peanut is from the DFW Areas. I have never fostered an dog before. I hope all goes well. I have not seen him in person yet. He was left at a rent house, of a friend on mine. He will be coming to my house on Tuesday. I am trying to find him a good home. So If you know some one that needs a puppy pal let me know! This puppy is free! I will clean him up and give him a good grooming. New pictures to come! Bonnie:-)


Why Do Muscle Relaxers make you SLEEP!

Wow I have been out sleeping for 2 days now. My new found leg pain has nothing to do with my back :-) I have a Rt. Quadricept Strain and will out of work for at least 3 weeks! How do you get and injury to your quadricept. I am no athlete by any means. I start physical therapy on Tuesday. Hope all goes well and that I have a fast recovery. If I could stay awake, I could get some much needed computer work done!! Bonnie:-)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dog Life Vests are back in stock in all sizes!

It is that time of year when hit the pools and lakes. Did you know some dogs can not swim! Bassett Hounds, Pugs and English Bulldogs just sink in the water! Some dogs are scared of water. My Poodle is very scared of the water. When my dogs were puppies we has a pool, no problems. A few summers ago, we were out side and it was hot. My dogs were just panting away. So I wanted to cool them off. First Aston was placed in the pool he swam to the steps no problem. Then came Dugen, I put him in the pool and he got scared and his hind end just sank. He was stuggle to keep his head above water. I had to jump in and get him! This is the god honest truth. Both my dogs now wear their orange size small life vests anytime we go near water! Dugen has been swimming many times since and had no problems, with his life vest on. That Event really scared me. Keep your pets safe around water. I sold lots of life vests last summer. I have the lowest price on them in E-bay and the same price on my web site. These vest are even great for dogs that swim in the lake. The handel on top gives you that extra grip to pull your dog back on the boat! Each vest is fully adjustable for a great fit. Bonnie :-)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dog Supplies gets lots of Help!

I went to the Chiropractor today with new pain in my right lower thigh! I was in a car accident in February. My L4 disk is herniated sitting on a nerve root. I have been in therapy pain free for 2 months. Until 2 weeks ago, now when I stand for a short while I feel like someone is burning my leg off just above the knee! then my thigh tightens up and effects my hamstring. This in turn make butt hurt. This happen over my 3 day (in a row) 12 hr work week. I have been in decompression therapy for a while. Now I am off work for a week! Anyone have any suggestions to what might help! I do not want to have SURGERY! Bonnie:-)

Seller Source Book is my Hero!

Wow! Seller Source Book is my choice to fix the ACUTIVA problem. This program is even loading my pictures from all active Listings created by activa! That is a huge help in moving several hundred pictures from 500 listing to move from one site to another! Thank You Seller Source Book! They are even working on Importing Activa active listings! Great List of templates to choose from! Keep your eyes open for the CHANGE once again to all my listings! This time I will end them as I go along! I logs in to Activa tonight to delete pics and saw there new rate plan! Now they are willing to charge $9.99 a month and $19.99 to store all my pics! I say NO DEAL! after all the BULL, they put me though. I have already moved pics to photo bucket to re-do My Web store pics! Spent all night uploading pics! I think I am cross eyed!

Monday, June 8, 2009

~!! Autiva changes Stink !!~

Wow! Auctiva is now charging for their ebay services! Dude I just re did all my auctions! They want $40.00 plus a transaction fees a MONTH! I do not think so! E-Bay takes enough of my money. Spent the day looking for a free auction tool and photo hosting site! Found a auction service. Now I need to move all my Photos to photo bucket! This will effect my store too. All the photos in the little picture shows are stored in Auctiva! I am so sorry for the constant changes! Please be patient as I move all my pictures! thank you, bonnie :-(

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dog Toy Prices are Falling!!

We just wanted to say, we just placed another lg order for dog supplies. All Sizes of the life vest for dogs are going to be back in stock. We have new toys coming! Keep your eyes open for the new arrivals to Bonnie's Doggie Deals!! We worked hard today on the Toy section of the store! Prices are falling on listed toys. New toys are coming! Ashton says he can not wait to play with the new toys. He says he will pass of trying out the life vests. He already has one, he uses regularly. We added toys to our E-bay store! We will be listing some new toys for those tuff big dogs tonight. Stop by and check out the new Hot Doggie Deals! Bonnie, Dugen and Ashton :-)