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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dog Life Vests are back in stock in all sizes!

It is that time of year when hit the pools and lakes. Did you know some dogs can not swim! Bassett Hounds, Pugs and English Bulldogs just sink in the water! Some dogs are scared of water. My Poodle is very scared of the water. When my dogs were puppies we has a pool, no problems. A few summers ago, we were out side and it was hot. My dogs were just panting away. So I wanted to cool them off. First Aston was placed in the pool he swam to the steps no problem. Then came Dugen, I put him in the pool and he got scared and his hind end just sank. He was stuggle to keep his head above water. I had to jump in and get him! This is the god honest truth. Both my dogs now wear their orange size small life vests anytime we go near water! Dugen has been swimming many times since and had no problems, with his life vest on. That Event really scared me. Keep your pets safe around water. I sold lots of life vests last summer. I have the lowest price on them in E-bay and the same price on my web site. These vest are even great for dogs that swim in the lake. The handel on top gives you that extra grip to pull your dog back on the boat! Each vest is fully adjustable for a great fit. Bonnie :-)

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