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Monday, November 2, 2009

My Business!!

Hello Everyone! It has been a long time since I have blogged, or twittered. In fact I have not done much with my business at all. I am so sorry for all the late shipped orders. I have had one problem after the next. My printer died, bought a used one just like mine on ebay. Guess what, it did not work either. After a 1 month battle, I had to buy a new one from Canon! Totally sucked, I am out $170.00. My computer just reciently died, thank god my brother is a computer guy, he is working on it. I am useing my old computer with none of my information on it.

I started dating, had my first relationship after an abusive marriage. Guess what that did not work very well. I now have post traumatic stress disorder from the abuse. I am in counseling for this. My life has just been one big mess, it was turned up side down and I was in survival mode. I am working hard to get my head together, salvage my new relationship and putting my feet on the ground after 3 months of stress,from my new relationship. I am sorry again for all items shipped late. November just started, I am starting this month on a positive note! I am re committed to my business and my life. I am going to make time for me and all that I need to do..

Thank you,
Bonnie :-)