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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dog and Cat Health Passport

This book has 32 pages for you to keep all your pets info in one spot. I use to carry a folder full of papers, now I have 2 little books to take to the vets office!

Features Include:

* Photo Identification Page * Vaccination Records * Serologic Testing – Feline Leukemia Virus * Internal Parasite Control – Annual Fecal * Medical History and Hospitalizations * Dietary Information * Cat Service Providers * Medications Taken Regularly * Cat Supply Sources * Club Registration and Memberships * Events, Awards, Points and Titles * Health and Vaccine Refernce * 32 Pages * 3 1/2" x 5" Passport size * Personal Pet Information

Stop by my Bonnie's Doggie Deals and check this out! Each book is $6.99 Bonnie :-)

!! Stop This Abuse Of Dogs!!

~!! Alert Help these dogs !!~ This is bad! I could not believe our eyes! We need to unite and put an end to this!

First, see the link:


I saw this in the Admins of Catster and Dogster group mail. We joined the group in facebook! We watched the video, and we signed the petition titled "Stop Using Live Dogs as Shark Bait" and thought you might want to sign it, too. You can find it at:


Thank you for reading this!
Bonnie,Ashton and Dugen

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dog Cologne is back in stock!

I just placed an order yesterday to restock my Fine Dog Colognes! This is a HOT seller in both my stores. The popular colognes go quick! So check them out! I have:DNGY, Pucci, Timmy Holedigger, Arfmani, Bonique Waggie, Cool Dog, Aramutts, Miss Claybone, Bono Sport, Beautifur, White Dalmatians, and CK-9! This is the perfect quick fix when company is coming and there's not enough time for a bath. I just love the names of these products. All my dog odor problems are gone! This is an imitation fragrance, but smells just like the original. This is manufactured here in Dallas. For product review go to http://www.gotdog.com. This product comes in a 4oz pump bottle. I have Bono Sport and CK-9 for my dogs! In September I ordered 10 bottles of each scent! I have sold them all, but the handful I have left! Bonnie :-)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Collars listed in my Ebay store!

Today I finished editing all my ebay listings:-). I listed some collars to my e-bay store. Check them out at http://www.stores.ebay.com/bonnies-doggie-deals . I have some items up for auction also. I worked hard on editing those ebay listings. I hope E-Bay is happy! Now I can get back to adding my items to new listings! One day my E-bay store will be done! I am also working on my web site behind the scenes on putting titles to each page! I am working to make my web site popular in the search engines! That is allot of work! Please stop by my web site too! I have to work tomorrow so all pending orders will ship on Wed! bonnie :-)

Ashton is feeling better :-)

Ashton is feeling better and back to fun and sleep! He is such a sweet dog. I just love him so much. Keep your dog safe this summer! Give them plenty of water and shade! Do Not leave them in your hot CAR! They can not take that! Think Safety First! Bonnie :-)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ashton is sick!

My little baby Ashton is sick! He is having urinary and kidney problems again! He is full blooded Schnauzer and they are prone to kidney trouble. I noticed he was having trouble urinating last night. I have left over antibiotics and special can food, that is made with nothing good! This is left over from the last time he had this trouble in this winter! If you know of anything I can give him to keep this from happening PLEASE let me know. I hate to see him suffer. I also hate spending hundreds of dollars at the vet. The last trip cost us $800.00, after a visit to the ER and Vet! He is doing better today. That food flushed water through his kidneys. I caught the trouble early this time. He could not even urinate last time! Bonnie :-0

Dog Sandals are now in for New for the Summer

WOW! I have had over 100 individual customers looking in my store today! That is a record for me. I worked hard yesterday with this new SEO package and have made allot of small changes to all my sited yesterday and today! :-). I also wanted to announce the arrival of the 2009 Dog Sandal Line! They are in and available in my store. There has been some changes to the style for a better fit to the new sandal line. Stop by my store @ www.bonniesdoggiedeals.com. See all the new collar and harness sets I listed. Thank you, bonnie :-)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dogdie Deals gets an picture ad!

Here it is, the finished product! My first picture ad! What do you think? I am open for all suggestions. I made this picture myself. This is the Real picture my store logo came from. Bonnie:-)

Dog Life Vests are the Hot item this week!

This is a Hot item that sold this week. I am totally out of orange vests! It is time to place a order for more vests! Stop by my web site if you want your dog to be safe this summer around water. My poodle freaks out in water and his hind end sinks in panic. I do not think he would last long in the water without being fished out! I use a life vest on him several times during the summer. I can just place him in the pool to cool off with out any worry. He swims to the steps with his vest on and gets out of the pool, no problems! I do not want Dugen to overheat in the summer, so he cools off in the pool with me. There is a handle on the top, 2 for large dogs, that makes it easy to pull your dog out of the water. Stop by my web site for your dog life vest. I will have all sizes available soon! Bonnie :-)

Dog Accessories Shipped Today!

I shipped all my orders today! That makes me and my customers Happy! I am ready for new orders to come in. I am working on my first picture Ad today for my web site. It will be through, google ad works. Just finished making my first flash banner and do not know what to do with it!
My presentation went well today at my business networking group! It inspired me to get a picture ad out on the web! Bonnie :-)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Presentation and Google Ad works!

I have been lazy this week with my birthday and all. Today I have been working on a presentation for my business networking group. I call it behind The web page of Bonnie's Doggie Doggie Deals. With the Yahoo graphs and Google Ad Works presentation. If You do no use Ad Works for your site I would recommend it, it has not only increased my visits. But I have had many sells from google too! You just make a small add like in the picture. Choose how much you want to spend. Then make an add and link key words to it! Just click on the box or blog title for a link to Ad Works! Bonnie:-)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Today is my Birthday!

Today is my birthday! That is my cute cake I had made, I collect Whales! I just LOVE it. It tasted so good when I cut into it! Happy Birthday to me. I took today off from all work! Will be working again tomorrow! bonnie:-)