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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ashton is sick!

My little baby Ashton is sick! He is having urinary and kidney problems again! He is full blooded Schnauzer and they are prone to kidney trouble. I noticed he was having trouble urinating last night. I have left over antibiotics and special can food, that is made with nothing good! This is left over from the last time he had this trouble in this winter! If you know of anything I can give him to keep this from happening PLEASE let me know. I hate to see him suffer. I also hate spending hundreds of dollars at the vet. The last trip cost us $800.00, after a visit to the ER and Vet! He is doing better today. That food flushed water through his kidneys. I caught the trouble early this time. He could not even urinate last time! Bonnie :-0

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