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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dog Cologne is back in stock!

I just placed an order yesterday to restock my Fine Dog Colognes! This is a HOT seller in both my stores. The popular colognes go quick! So check them out! I have:DNGY, Pucci, Timmy Holedigger, Arfmani, Bonique Waggie, Cool Dog, Aramutts, Miss Claybone, Bono Sport, Beautifur, White Dalmatians, and CK-9! This is the perfect quick fix when company is coming and there's not enough time for a bath. I just love the names of these products. All my dog odor problems are gone! This is an imitation fragrance, but smells just like the original. This is manufactured here in Dallas. For product review go to http://www.gotdog.com. This product comes in a 4oz pump bottle. I have Bono Sport and CK-9 for my dogs! In September I ordered 10 bottles of each scent! I have sold them all, but the handful I have left! Bonnie :-)

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