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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Silk Screen Kangaroo Pocket Tanks

Last night I added some new items to my web store. The above Silk Screen Kangaroo Pocket Tanks was a new item. These are just so cute! They come in 4 Color & Fruit Combos: Green/Yellow-Kiwi, Pink/Red-Cherries, Grey/Purple-Grapes, and Orange/Brown-Mango. There is a silk screened Fruit on the pocket. The accented colored trim and bow at the neck, just make this tank so cute. This would be a great look for the summer! They are made from 100% soft cotton and are machine washable. I am also re-doing my E-Bay store I ended all the listed items yesterday. The reason why is explained below. I will re-add each listing one by one. With an updated look and information. Some of those listings were over 1 yr old. When I come across an item not on my web site, I will be add the listing there too! So keep your eyes out for all my new listings! Thank you for your support, Bonnie :-)

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