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Monday, April 20, 2009

Dog Bed: Pink Moon Flower Bed

I was surfing the web today and I found this pink bed listed on the Puppy Luck Web Site. I just Bought 4 of them. I hope they come in! This bed has been a great seller in my stores. It is a nice bed at a great doggie deal price! They have not been available for a long time. What a pretty dog bed, that is discontinued! This bed has a nice soft pillow inside. It is made with a really soft cotton, poly blend. It feels like my 500 count cotton sheets. It has soft cushy filling. The bed keeps its shape when my dogs are in it. There are 3 pieces: 1. an outer shell 2. an inner cushion 3. a cute roll pillow This goes in the washing machine just fine. This is made by Puppy Luck. The bed measures 24" x 24" x 7". I am excited to have this bed back in Pink. It will take a week before they are delivered! I also orderd some replacement tank tops in the smaller sizes that I had sold out of. Bonnie :-)

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