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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hard times!!

Bonnie's Doggie Deals has been threw allot in the last year! It all started as a single E-bay store. With all the negative shipping feedback, due to shipping times on drop shipped items from china! I had to end all drop shipped items, after my E-bay store was closed for 3 months. During that time I opened my web store www.bonniesdoggiedeals.com. There is where you will find all the drop ship items, I use to have on e-bay! I am sorry, I had no choice but to move them! I am still getting dings for slow shipping. I had another major set back in FEB! I was in a car accident! I have been in physical therapy, and seeing a chiropractor! I have had allot of pain, and did not work for 4 weeks! I am just getting back on my feet. I have been behind on shipping. I am getting all items out in the mail as soon as I can! I have a full time job! I have 2 web sites, 2 Dogster sites, Facebook, Twitter, and this blog site to keep up with. I do not have time to ship items daily! I do get behind. I am sorry! I do have a life. I hope you can understand! I am working hard to keep everyone happy. Please do not leave me BAD shipping feedback on E-Bay. Bonnie's Doggie Deals E-Bay store is close to being closed for good! :-( My web store is doing great! Business is picking up :-) I have worked hard on my business! In the E-Bay world it just takes a few bad feed backs to close a store for good! Thank You to all my Customers
Bonnie :-)

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